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RH-5021 VANGUARD armored samurai technology water sensor splashing and drainage coating (glass can also be used)

◆It can quickly produce water splashing effect on the surface, and has the effect of brightening and brightening.

◆Suitable for fast car paint maintenance.

◆It can also be used as a daily curing agent after car paint coating.

◆Using the latest refined fluorine technology, can extend the protection lasting force.

◆In addition to car paint, it can also act on the glass as a water repellent for rapid film formation.

◆Matting car paint can also be used.


  • Quickly achieve water repellency on surface and with brightening and light effect.
  • Suitable for express car paint care
  • Can be used as a regular auto care product after the coating.
  • Using the latest technology refined Fusso to extend protection sustainability
  • Can be apply on to glass other than car paint, can be used as a quick aqua repellent.
  • Can be used on matted lacquered surface.

VANGUARD RH-5021 鐵甲武士 科技水感應潑水排水鍍膜

SKU: RH-5021

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