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​Anding Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Unit B, G/F, Block 2, Yau Tong Industrial Building, 16 Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong, Kowloon

Flat B, G/F., Blk. 2, Yau Tong Industrial Bldg.,
Sze Shan Street no.16, Yau Tong, Kowloon

Tel: (852) 2392 2291/2713 5000/2392 2568

Metro MTR:
Near Exit A2 of Yau Tong MTR, opposite to the east of the peninsula.
Yau Tong MTR Exit A2, near by Peninsular East.

From Cha Kwo Ling Road and turn right into Shan Street, turn right into the stall after Shung Shung Yiu Yiu Street, Street, then turn left over in the East peninsula will arrive

Driving from Cha Kwo Ling Rd turn right to Sze Shan St. Pass Chung Pak Commercial Building turn right to Shung Yiu St. turn left on Shung Yiu St. Follow the road to 

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