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General provisions

       1.1   Before using the services provided by our company, customers have the responsibility to clearly understand the content of the <Terms and Conditions>.

       1.2   Customers submitting orders in our company (including online store/Whatsapp/e-mail) will be deemed to agree to the provisions of the <Terms and Conditions>.

       1.3   All company trademarks, products, and pictures on this website are owned by the company and related factories. It is not allowed to publish or copy without our consent or authorization.

       1.4   It is the customer's responsibility to check the quantity of the goods and whether they are in good condition when picking up the goods. After the goods have left, the company will not return or exchange them.

       1.5   Customers who purchase products with after-sales or maintenance services are obliged to understand clearly before payment, and they will all be clearly understood after payment.

       1.6   The company reserves the right to refuse to provide services.

2. Product description

       2.1   This website will try to accurately describe products and provide information, but does not guarantee that the product descriptions, colors, materials or other content contained in this website are accurate, complete, reliable, valid or error-free.

       2.2   All pictures are for reference only. The colors and sizes are subject to the actual product. Every effort must be made to ensure that the pictures and descriptions of the goods on this webpage are accurate, but there is no guarantee that the pictures and/or descriptions are exactly the same as the actual products.

       2.3   We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions (including after the order is submitted) and change or update any information at any time without notice. Please be aware of such errors and inaccuracy

            The party or omission may be related to the price and supply situation. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse to accept the order based on the incorrect price or supply situation. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

3. Price/Payment Method

       3.1   All product prices are in Hong Kong dollars (HKD) and do not include shipping costs.

       3.2   You can pay for goods in the following ways. Stores can choose cash/EPS/VISA/MASTER/FPS/WECHAT PAY/UNION PAY/GOGGLE PAY/AILPAY, such as through the Internet

            Place an order on /EMAIL/WHATSPP/, only FPS / ATM / online bank transfer is accepted.

4. Product ownership, import documents and fees
       4.1   When the store sends the product, the ownership of the product will be transferred from the store to the user. This shop will deliver the products according to the user's requirements. If the product is shipped to a country outside Hong Kong, you may need to pay

            Additional fees, taxes, or registration or application of import licenses for the relevant products to the destination of delivery, these fees and document application are subject to the laws of the destination of delivery, and this shop cannot control or anticipate

            For the amount of such fees, our shop will not be held liable for the application procedures for such payments or documents. If you complete the relevant ordering process, you accept the terms and

            Responsible for all surcharges, taxes or import documents application for the product. If the final product is returned, the shop may charge a reasonable fee to make up for the loss of shipping.

5. Force Majeure

       5.1   If due to [force majeure] reasons (including but not limited to fire, misfortune, accident, natural disaster, natural disaster, any law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government or any of its government agencies)

Laws, orders, proclamations, regulations, requirements or regulations, strikes, labor disputes, labor shortages or shortages of skilled workers, shortages of goods or raw materials, delays in transportation, or the company’s

            The reasons for the system, whether similar to the aforementioned ones), have prevented the company from fulfilling its responsibilities on its website. The company can be exempted from fulfilling such responsibilities within the affected range and the company does not need to be liable for it.

            Any responsibility.

6. Changes to terms and conditions

       6.1  The company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its absolute discretion. Customers are responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions before confirming any order. Once the order is issued, the customer must be treated as

           The terms and conditions valid at the time have been accepted.

       6.2  If there is any dispute over the above terms, the company reserves the right to make the final decision.

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