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3M™ Waterproof Silicone Sealing Tape (PN3625) 1"X2 Code


[Sealed without water leakage — 3M™ Waterproof Silicone Sealing Tape! 】

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Is there a first aid method for a sudden leak of a pipe or a broken water pipe at home? 3M™ Waterproof Silicone Sealing Tape is the most ideal choice. When hoses, pipes, electrical conduits or other similar items need to be repaired, just wrap the tape around the rupture and let the silicone fuse itself to form a long-lasting seal to prevent air and water leakage. You can use 嚟 to tie objects or handles to prevent slippage. 3M™ Waterproof Silicone Sealing Tape is a super-elastic, highly conformable repair tape that can adhere to a variety of surfaces such as metal and plastic. The tape does not contain adhesives, which is convenient and easy to use, and does not damage the surface after removal. The sealing tape can withstand extreme temperatures (-65°C to 260°C). It is very reliable in car and home maintenance. It is your versatile helper!




  • Effectively cleans fuel injectors
  • Easy to pour bottle without spill
  • Helps restore power and fuel economy
  • Helps improve idle and throttle response
  • Helps eliminate stalling and hesitation due to dirty fuel injectors

3M™ Fuel Injector Cleaner is a quality fuel tank additive that cleans fuel injectors, removing gum, resin and varnish deposits to help improve fuel economy and restore power. Our fuel injector cleaner may help to eliminate stalling, hesitation and poor performance due to dirty fuel injectors.

3M™ Fuel Injector Cleaner works in the time that it takes to consume one tank of gasoline. Recommended dosage is 1 ounce per gallon (8ml per liter).
With the increased use of lower and mixed qualities of discount gasoline, the need for cleaning your fuel injectors from the inside-out is becoming increasingly important because deposits build up in the tips and affect their ability to spray properly. The buildup of deposits in the tips of the fuel injectors can adversely affect overall engine performance. Common symptoms are: poor fuel economy, loss of horsepower, rough idling, miss-fires, hesitation, and stalling, but many other undesirable results may be experienced.
Fuel system cleaners are a small investment in better automotive performance.


3M Waterproof Silicone Tape 1 inch X 2 yards Wrap & Repair Silicone Tape

SKU: 3M-PN3625

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