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Taiwan AMA Luoman Technology Co., Ltd. Newly launched AMA E88 head-mounted driving recorder Wi-fi

In response to the diverse needs of consumers, AMA not only continued to develop new load-mounted driving recorders, but also combined cutting-edge technology to produce the first head-mounted driving recorder. This machine uses WDR to improve light leakage. In a low-light environment at night, WDR can automatically increase the brightness of the picture to make the shooting effect more clearly visible. In a strong light environment during the day, WDR will automatically reduce the overexposed picture, making the picture more coordinated and natural. With 1440P high resolution, everything in the lens can be hidden

➤ 1440P 2K high resolution➤ 1080 @ 60FPS smooth image quality Chip ➤ Wi-fi wireless transmission

AMA E88 Head-mounted Driving Recorder


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