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B-6302 CLAY-U Keliyou Magic Clay Magnet Cloth

★Easily remove stubborn dirt particles, iron powder, industrial dust, and rough car paint in a faster way.

★Large area, fast speed, incredible cleaning effect.

★It can replace the inconvenience of using coarse wax abrasives or traditional beauty magnets in the past.

★Won the gold medal for invention, have multinational patents, and the whole process is made in Taiwan.

★Compatible with all car colors!!

★Pre-operation necessities before using beauty wax and coating agent!!!!

★Easily remove iron powder from the whole car in 10 minutes, and the car paint instantly restores fineness and smoothness!!!


  • Fast and Effective at removing stubborn grime, iron powder, industrial dust and paint damages easily
  • Amazing results for large area detailing and the time saving
  • Best replacement for inconvenient rubbing compound or traditional clay bar products.
  • 100% Made in Taiwan!!! Award-Winning & Internationally Patented!!!
  • Supports all color coating!!!
  • Essential preparation product before coating and waxing!!!
  • Removes iron powder just within 10 minutes, leaves the paint smooth and clean!!!

CLAY-U B6302 Nano Beauty Magic Clay Magnetic Cloth

SKU: B-6302

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