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Opening kit Keyless 2.0 for V47, V40, B47, B37, B360

An app for IOS and Android that can open and close the top cover without using a key but using a smart phone. Features:

• Remotely lock/unlock the case • "Shake" mode to lock/unlock the top cover by shaking the smartphone The battery can still work•Keyless 2.0 also allows the use of standard keys

An application available for IOS and Android is currently in progress that makes it possible to open and close a top case without the use of a key, but with the use of a smartphone. Functionalities:

• Remote lock/unlock of the case
• “Shake” mode to lock/unlock the top case by shaking your smartphone
• No electric wiring of the vehicle needed
• The battery powering the lock is independent and keeps working when the top case is detached from the vehicle
• Keyless 2.0 also allows the use of the standard key

E174 Keyless 2.0 (V47, V40, B47, B37, B360)

SKU: E174

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