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Very convenient chain oil artifact

American patented product, it is convenient to spray chain oil to the rubber pad between the chain joints, will not spray everywhere, and can avoid sticking to the tires and brake discs~!

  – Remember to spray on the inner ring of the chain

  – Suitable for chain oil and chain wax

  – Applicable to most brands of chain oil spray cans on the market

  – Of course, recommend the use of Putoline chain oil chain wax!

  – Remember to choose the correct size that matches the chain

GN415/420, GN428/520, GN525/530, bicycle


Steps to use GreaseNinja chain oil gadget:

  The engine must be turned off! ! !

1) Lift the rear wheel off the ground

2) Enclose the fixed iron wire around the chain oil spray can

3) Connect the hose to the small tool and the chain oil nozzle. It is recommended that the hoses and nozzles maintain a "horizontal" connection.

4) Place GreaseNinja on the inside of the chain.

5) Slowly turn the tires to allow the chain to pass through GreaseNinja slowly and spray chain oil.


GreaseNinja Chain Oil Gadget

SKU: GN428/520

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