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Use a formula specially designed for passenger car tires for immediate tire repair. Fast, safe and easy to use, no cleanup required. Does not contain hydrocarbon gas or dimethyl ether.
The tire sensor is safe. Seal and expand in a few seconds. The high-quality nozzle hose can inflate up to 15 tires with water. The versatile 7 and 16 ounce sizes in the applicator hose can easily solve the inflation problem of medium-sized tires

Instant tire repair in a formula designed specifically for passenger car tires. Quick, safe, and easy to use with no cleanup. Contains no hydrocarbon gas or dimethyl ether.

  • Tire sensor safe
  • Seals and inflates in seconds
  • Premium applicator hose
  • Can inflate up to 15 in tires
  • Cleans up with water
  • Versatile 7 in applicator hose and 16 oz size handles mid-sized tire inflation problems with ease
  • Non-flammable

GUNK Tyre Filling and Inflating Agent


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