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Taiwan "MOTODAILY heavy vehicle log - priest" in the design of  -  Black Falcon Z phone holder

Takeway  The Black Falcon Z phone holder is probably the best mobile phone holder for motorcycles on the market. The whole mobile phone holder is divided into 2 parts: PH05 is the part of the mobile phone holder, users can safely lock the mobile phone with one hand. The LA3 can be installed at the bottom of the rear-view mirror bracket, which is convenient for sheep and street car users.

  -Mobile phone holder specially designed for motorcycles ( also available to bikers / extreme sports users)

  -  Designed in Taiwan, made in Taiwan

  – Use aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with a unique new design

  – The shock-absorbing sponge can effectively protect the camera lens of the phone and reduce the damage caused by vibration (2 pieces of shock-absorbing sponge and inner frame are included to facilitate the use of phones of different sizes/ thicknesses)

  – Applicable mobile phone size (including mobile phone case)
   Length: 137 -170 mm
   Width: 66 -85 mm
   Height: 9.5- 14.5mm
   If the thickness of the phone case (including the case) is less than 12mm, it can be used with the included foam and gripper pads

  -  One-handed operation and locking design, will not block the phone buttons, lens, charging plug

  -  With quick release and anti-theft function

  – Equipped with an optional base, you can install a sports camera for daily recording or challenging extreme shooting

LA3-PH05 Rearview mirror phone holder


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