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MOTUL Scooter Gear 2T/4T 80W90 transmission oil 150 ml

The mineral lubricant used for the final gear of the scooter has a very high lubricating ability and can withstand continuous full speed start and stop under urban driving conditions. Under various driving conditions, idling speed, rapid acceleration, full power, and sufficient oil film thickness are maintained. Extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to increase the service life of the gear set at very high speeds (short deceleration) and shocks during riding (rear wheel lockup).

Technical Information:
-Application: daily use
-Engine type: 2-stroke, 4-stroke
-Vehicle type: scooter
-Quality: Mineral
-Viscosity: 80W90
-OEM certification: API GL-4
-Size: 150 ml

International standards:
Application program interface:
-Standard API (American Petroleum Institute) uses the service category ("S") to define the oil performance of gasoline engines. These range from the latest service category "SN", effective since 2010, to the oldest category "SJ" launched in 2001. It is very important that the latest service categories cover the functions of the above service categories.

    MOTUL GEAR 80W90

    SKU: APIGL-4

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