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Ester Tech 4+ 10W-40 / 10W-50 is a fully synthetic, superior performance 4-stroke competition engine oil. High-grade base oils combined with the revolutionary Ester Tech additive system guarantee outstanding performance in the following areas, among others:

✔ The proportion of esters exceeds 10%

✔Advanced base oil and revolutionary Ether Tech additive formula

✔ Maintain a strong lubricating oil film under extreme operating conditions

✔ Very high and very stable viscosity index

✔Excellent anti-wear protection

✔Low volatility can reduce fuel consumption

✔Mainly long-lasting, fuel-saving, and protective, suitable for general users


  • A very powerful lubricanting film, even under the most extreme operating conditions
  • Maximum engine performance
  • A very high and extremely stable viscosity index
  • Optimal functioning of the wet clutch
  • Accurate and smooth gear-changing
  • Superior protection against wear
  • Minimum oil consumption as a result of low volatility Ester Tech 4+ 10W-40 has been exclusively developed for modern, high-tech, high to very high performance race and road motorcycles.


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