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SOL SM-1 can be lifted

The streamlined design of the SM-1 flip-out helmet body has a low drag coefficient. In addition to the colorful appearance, ventilation and exhaust are worthy of your experience.

The ventilation design of the cap body is streamlined, and the competition-level specifications are adopted for low drag coefficient. The streamlined shape of the overall appearance can clearly show that the effect of wind diversion is absolutely trustworthy regardless of whether it is from the inside or the outside.

The streamlined design of the SM-1 flip-up safety helmet body has a low drag coefficient, conforms to the aerodynamic design, strengthens the protection level and improves the rectification effect.

The liftable chin is easy to operate, firm and safe to use, and the built-in sunshade is added to upgrade the function and safety.

SM-1 feature description

● DOT Approved open helmet.
● DEVS "Dual Exhaust Venting System" dual exhaust system, its good ventilation is to eliminate the heat and humidity generated in the helmet can increase the comfort of wearing.
● The opening angle of the tiltable chin will not affect the line of sight. The internal mechanism can effectively and firmly fix the chin on the top, allowing you to rest on the road, and can talk and interact with riders more clearly and make up for the lost water and water. physical strength.
● The fully detachable breathable mesh COOLMAX fabric lining can remove the moisture and heat generated by the head.
● The adjustable cheek lining can be removed to achieve the best fit for wearing.
● Built-in sunglasses, easy to install and disassemble, and can isolate strong light and anti-UV protection according to weather conditions.
● Four air inlet switches, real airway design, can freely adjust the amount of air required by the user, so that you have an excellent breathing environment when riding.
● There are two sets of upper and lower ventilation panels on the rear, with a total of eight exhaust holes, which surpass the exhaust capacity of all brands of helmets of the same level and provide a more comfortable riding pleasure.
● SM-1 is carefully designed for front, back, middle and bottom, with four directions and ventilation at the same time, so that the hot air in the cap can be quickly exhausted, and the cap is naturally cool and comfortable.
● Streamlined anti-wind resistance airway circulation shape, both elegance and texture, and strengthened waterproof design.
● SOL's new rear LED warning light design, high brightness and bright design, energy-saving and lightweight, greatly improving the recognition of riding.
● DOT certification of American road safety standard, resistant to high-speed impact, and effectively protect your head safety.
● The weight of the hat is about 1800 ± 50 grams. (Without lens)


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