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1500 Japan SOLAR GALLELION MEDIUN CUTTING Moderate Mirror Polishing Agent-For Hard Paint_500ML

  • Hard/anti-scratch coating film corresponding compound, polishing and cutting compound balance performance and smoothness
  • Using a unique tip and small particle size alumina, it greatly improves the sharpness.
  • Reduce the oil content to a minimum, which is both wipe clean and workability.
  • The grinding ratio is high, it will not have additional scratches.
  • You can operate the polishing machine with a single-acting gear.
  • The gloss shrinkage is small in the car wash, and the gloss will be long-term.
  • Non-silicon, non-wax.

Capacity: 500ML

Origin: Japan

SOLAR 1500 GALLELION MEDIUN CUTTING Medium mirror polishing agent-for hard paint

SKU: SG-1500

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