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Vulcanet magic cleaning power

Vulcanet ® is a best-selling car wash product in Europe and has obtained world R&D patents. The concept of Vulcanet's invention is to address the inconvenience caused by the environment when cleaning cars. Moreover, a variety of cleaning products are often used when washing a car to fully and effectively clean.

Vulcanet is a wet wipe made from a specially formulated cleaning potion. It can effectively clean a variety of stubborn stains on the car without water when used. It can be used anywhere inside or outside the car. It is not affected by geography and environment. And weather. Cleaning will leave a protective layer at the same time, keeping the car shiny as new.

Vulcanet® is a multi-functional bicycle cleaning tissue, which allows you to clean any part of the car without environmental restrictions and without water!

Not restricted by the environment and weather, no cleaning tools, and no drop of water! Just use Vulcanet® magic cleaning wipes, you can effectively treat your bicycle, car, motorbike, boat or anything under any circumstance. The vehicle provides complete cleaning and protection!

We are not just talking about simple cleaning, Vulcanet® magic cleaning wipes are designed for stubborn stains. It can also remove tar, wax blue on the road, traces of insects, and all parts of the car body. Cleaning will also leave a protective coating to prevent small scratches, and will also restore the lost luster of the car parts.

Vulcanet for bicycles


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