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Vulcanet magic cleaning power

Vulcanet® C9 can clean the knight's personal equipment such as helmets, gloves, armors, windbreakers, leather jackets, shoes/boots, etc.! disinfect! And deodorant! It only takes a few seconds to restore the sweat-stained equipment to a fresh and dry state! No water is required. Each bottle of Vulcanet®C9 can effectively clean the helmet about 30 times.

-Effectively remove sweat from equipment.
-Really clean! disinfect! Deodorant! Anti-mildew!
-It is the ultimate cleaning solution for all protective equipment.

how to use:
1-Shake C9 before use.
2-Invert the jar.
3-Press the spout (up to 2 seconds) to cover the inner surface of helmets, boots, jackets, etc.
4-Let the items dry for a few minutes. Do not use the item until it is completely dry.

Vulcanet® Magic Clean Power C9 Motorcycle Cleaning Spray


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