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-ZS-609's breathable comfort and lens disassembly method won the patent and invention award
-The inner lining material is made of ultra-fine velvet cloth, which has excellent coverage and the cheeks and inner lining are all removable and washable


Material: ABS

Certification: DOT/CNS

Size: S/M/XL/3XL

Weight: 1150±50g (including lens)

Detailed description

[Comfortable function, enjoy a comfortable riding experience]

-Passed Taiwan CNS and American DOT safety certification.

-The front ventilation design energy-efficiently guides the abundant air flow, and the rear ventilation discharges the heat, providing a comfortable and cool riding experience.

-The lens is made of high-strength PC material, which has high durability and is not easily broken.

-The lens can resist UV400, can block the sun, protect the glasses and the skin.

-There is a waterproof design between the lens and the cap to prevent rainwater from entering.

-The cap body is equipped with lens stoppers on the left and right sides, which can enhance the structure and supporting force, and prevent the lens from being opened due to strong wind or impact.

-The lining material uses ultra-fine velvet cloth to provide the best covering and comfort

-Three-piece removable and washable lining design, easy to disassemble, clean and replace, and keep it clean and hygienic.

-Breathable comfort and lens disassembly method, won the patent and invention award.

-The new removable and washable lining, fully removable, has won two invention awards.

-Buckle: Equipped with ZEUS patented E8 bounce-style buckle, so that the rider can control with peace of mind.

-Weight: 1150±50g (including lens)

-Size: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL


SKU: ZS609005

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