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-ZS-613B nine-in-one variable hat type, with many variability, can be purchased with additional visor and chin. Lightweight, uniform weight, no burden for long-term wear!
※Additional visor and chin accessories can be purchased.



Material: ABS

Certification: DOT/CNS

Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

Weight: 1160g±50g


Detailed description

【Nine-in-one variable hat type, with many variability, you can purchase additional visors and chins! 】

-The new built-in sun-shading lens mechanism is easy to operate and can maintain a good line of sight.

-Both the outer lens and the built-in sun-shading lens can resist UV400 to protect the eyes and skin.

-The lens is made of high-strength PC material, which has high durability and is not easily broken.

-Cap body ventilation system setting, three air intake holes at the top and two exhaust holes at the back of the top

-The tightness of the lens waterproof rubber strip is strengthened to prevent rainwater from entering.

-The styrofoam ventilation setting has a total of six air holes and eight ditch-type air passages, which lead in ample cool air flow and expel heat and moisture.

-The three-piece removable and washable lining design is convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble, which improves the hygiene and quality of the lining.

-The lining fabric is made of moisture-wicking fabric and a variety of high-breathable hollow elastic fabrics, which greatly upgrades moisture-wicking.

-The cheeks and ear linings are lined with 3D three-dimensional tailoring, and the multi-piece sponge makes the covering more comfortable, and the rider is more at ease when riding at high speed.

-Designed with glasses groove to meet the needs of glasses family.

-Optional chin set can be changed into a full cover style. (ZS-613B cannot be equipped with a respirator)

-Visor purchase: ZS-613B of 2015 version can only be installed with ZS-613A visor, and ZS-613B of 2016 version can only be installed with ZS-613B special visor.

-Buckle: Equipped with ZEUS patent-grade E8 bounce-style buckle, so that the rider can control it with peace of mind.

-Weight: 3/4 version weighs about 1160±50g (including lens)

-Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL


SKU: ZS613BAJ14042

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